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Traveling to Sosua on a budget, the best way and cheapest way if you have a little time on your hands is to book your flight to Santiago de los Caballeros airport code STI airport name Cibao International Airport (Santiago International) which you will find is far cheaper than Gregorio Luperón International Airport airport code POP. Take a taxi at the airport to Metro Bus Station web link the taxi should only cost around RD$250 about US$7 and take 15mins. The bus ticket to Sosua station which is at the Texaco Gas station in Sosua will cost you about the same amount US$7 and the bus ride will take around 2 hrs to get to Sosua. You can save $$$$ by flying in to Santiago and the cost of the transport to Sosua is far cheaper than the US$25 you will have to pay from POP Gregorio Luperón International Airport airport to Sosua by taxi.